Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And the rains came

The recent downpours made it impossible to work in the community garden yesterday, so it was rescheduled for next week. As project manager Marc Zupmore reminded me, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

This unfortunate news left me scrambling to find another volunteer opportunity for this week.

After scouring the Internet and making some calls, a coworker suggested the Hess-Hathaway Farm Park in Waterford Township.

There will be no sleeping in this Saturday or lounging around in PJs; instead, I will be taking care of animals and mucking stalls.

The last time I mucked stalls took place at a dairy farm my cousin worked on in Northern Michigan. The combined smell of ammonia and manure could knock a seasoned cowboy off his horse. It took a couple of hours for my sensitive schnoz to accustom, and I'm wondering what this weekend will bring.

But it's not just my nose I'm worried about. As I look down at my freshly painted red toenails, I can't help but sigh. What the heck do I wear to protect them? I was told rubber boots were good, but I don't own a pair. I guess I will have to don my beloved red sneaks that I wear for yard work.

Oh well, toes can be repainted, but how many opportunities will I get to do some real farm work in the metro Detroit area?

Till then, Cock a doodle doo!

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  1. Leather boots? If you oil them well and clean them up with Murphy's afterward, they should survive the manure. Tennies could really be a mistake; they won't protect your feet and ankles, and working with a soaker is never fun. Just my 2 cents.