Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Double booked

So, I’ve packed it in for this weekend. I’ll be working for Christmas in Action on Saturday, a national Christian program that works on dilapidated houses for the disabled and elderly throughout the country. I’ll follow up with the Special Olympics on Sunday.

When looking for organizations to volunteer with, I have been surprised by how I’m received by nonprofit groups. Christmas in Action was a bit difficult. When I signed up, the website was acting wonky — turns out it has been hacked into three times.

But after I called, we got it figured out. However, people are skeptical of a blog, many not knowing what a blog is.

“So, you’re doing a chat thing,” an elderly woman said when I went to the Christmas in Action meeting Tuesday after waiting five minutes even to be acknowledged. I’m not sure if the somewhat cold reception is because I’m young, but I was kind of turned off. After the introduction, a gentleman who knew that I was coming sent me on to the house that I will work on in Waterford and I signed up for a few tasks.

The opposite happened with the Special Olympics.

“Yes,” was the simple response I got after I called and asked if they needed a volunteer. No sign up sheets, no third degree, no explaining the Internet. (OK, the last one is an exaggeration.)

Either way, I’m looking forward to both. Besides, it's all about helping others.

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