Friday, April 23, 2010

Hammers and umbrellas

So, the weather isn't looking too hot for this weekend, but I'm remaining hopeful that the Christmas in Action event will still be successful.

Tonight, I'll be taping my name to a rake and shovel and packing up my car. Our group will work on a variety of tasks at a Waterford home, which will include taking down a shed, raking, painting, cleaning, etc.

Being a first-time homeowner, I've had some experience in cleanup. My hands have just healed from the recent blisters I received from my own yard work. And I have plenty of paint-splattered clothes.

On Sunday, it's anyone's guess what I will be doing. I'll join with a co-worker Jerry Wolffe — who writes the Voices of Disability column for The Oakland Press — at the Ultimate Soccer Arena in Pontiac for the Special Olympics. I can't wait to see all of the athletes and be a part of such an inspiring event.

Rain or shine, it should be a great weekend!

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