Friday, January 7, 2011

Chaperoning for Hope

Photo courtesy of Maddie Millis
Kevin Thibodeau performed
in last year’s Concert of Hope and
will perform again this year
at Milford High School, 2380 South Milford Road.
Friday night is quickly approaching, and what with my uber-active social life, I will be hanging out with a bunch of teenagers tonight — as their chaperon. It's all for a cause.

Now, I have chaperoned a high school event only once before, and I can tell you that the experience has left a harrowing imprint on my mind.

(Cue some scary score from a psychological thriller.)

A few years back, my husband was a first-year teacher. I was about to graduate from college. We were chaperoning prom. You know, the girls get all glammed up in dresses with slits that run navel-high, and the boys are hoping to get lucky. After an awkward dinner where I spent most of the time talking to an engineer — because teachers tend to be the most cliquish group I've ever been among — the dancing started.

Now, for most of you who have been removed from the high school experience for a decade or two, you may think dances resemble a group of choreographed line dances perpetuated by teen dramas. You would be wrong. It more closely resembles the club scene, with skirts raised in the air and thighs grazing thighs.

It was like watching kiddie porn. But you couldn't dare break up this kind of mass sexual tension. Instead, we all shut the door, and went into the lobby and let them copulate. OK, I exaggerate. It wasn't that bad. But a few of us did head outside to escape the blaring music. So as not to pick on one high school, I think this is indicative of how many teenagers dance on the "best night of their lives."

But I expect tonight's event to be a bit different, because I'll be chaperoning a benefit concert that's open to the public as well as students. So, I'm not really scared. And I'm hoping that if you're in the area, you'll stop by.

The two-day concert will be from four to ten o'clock tonight and tomorrow at the Milford High School in an effort to raise money for the Dickey family. It's an unfortunate story that has become common today. Shari Dickey was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer and her husband, Michael, lost his job. Medical bills are on the rise, and the family has children to support.

The students' lofty goal is to raise more than the nine-thousand dollars that they raised at last year's event to help Chris Cooper, a twelve-year-old Highland Middle School student battling cancer.

The event is featuring local musicians, including Carter Moulton, Cats & the Fiddler, Fighting Lights, Jeff Pianki, Joe Hertler, Kevin Thibodeau, Patrick Gauthier, Rival Summers, and Taylor Robida.
Families can take part in games and sporting events. A silent auction will also be available to help raise funds. Tickets are seven dollars for one day, and ten for both.

Milford High School is at 2380 South Milford Road. Most everyone has been affected by cancer, so I urge you to stop in and listen to the local talent. This is a really great school surrounded by a supportive community. You'll be helping a local family, and hopefully, having a good time. And good news for you, you won't have to chaperon, you can just enjoy the events!

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