Friday, January 21, 2011

Flash from the Past at the Soc Hop

I'm hanging with the oldsters tonight!

I, along with my gal pal, Jacquelyn Gutc, will be heading to the Older Persons' Commission in Rochester for one of its biggest fundraisers, the Soc Hop.

This week has been full of extra projects at home and I need a night out. Ever tried painting a dining set? To be blunt, it sucks. For two to three hours every night after work I have been sanding, priming and painting. I am tired of looking at those chairs and I'm even more tired of scraping paint from beneath my fingernails.

OK, enough whining. (But if you have tips on painting furniture, I'm open to suggestions!)

I expect this event to be similar to the Island Party I attended during the summer. Again, I will be helping out with food and cleanup. But, I'll be honest, this does not feel like work to me. I love senior citizens, and this group is, by far, the coolest I've met.

If retirement means that I can spend my days playing sports, swimming and dancing, count me in. Can we get some more OPCs throughout this state?

Though I won't be able to join any senior centers just yet, tonight, I'm looking forward to the costumes. I myself am going to attempt a modified 1950s vibe. I don't own saddle shoes, so I'm turning to my my retro pink Nikes. I'm rolling my jeans and sporting a pink top. It's not going to be as cool as some of the others, but I'm trying.

My only qualm is dancing. Last time, I proved again that my moves are as cumbersome as applying mascara while driving. I am not talented, but I like it. The only thing I do have going for me, is that I also have no shame.

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